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noun- a blunt smoked entirely by one person to the face until the buddha is all gone or mental retardation begins to occur
I smoked a dank forty-dollar facer at the Cudi concert last night and felt like I was on the Pursuit of Happiness.
#weed #pot #blunt #marijuana #joint
by Steaz December 15, 2010
the ability for an article of clothing to be turned inside-out.
I decided not to buy the thick coat, because that shit wasn't insideoutable.
#inside #out #able #jacket #turn
by Steaz December 15, 2010
To underestimate the full force of a large lungful of marijuana, usually on the first rip of a session leading to excessive coughing and can possibly induce vomiting.
I underestibaked Justin's bong last night. That first rip had me coughing up a lung for a good ten minutes.
#marijuana #cough #smoke #weed #bong
by Steaz December 15, 2010
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