60 definitions by Steaver370

Tumble_Weed's mamma.
G3K is fat.
by Steaver370 May 09, 2004
A phobia of Steaver. Only two people in the world are known to have it.
Serena has a really bad case of Steaverphobia.
by Steaver370 May 02, 2004
Is that a Subservient Chicken or a Subservient Retard?
by Steaver370 April 25, 2004
A phrase that can be substituted into quotes to make them funny.
"Pitiful Mortal. Your mum ends here! And your meaningless existance with it!" ~ Seymour Flux, FFX

"Gwa-ha-ha and your mum are up to something." ~ Cait Sith, FF7

"Sin is my old man. Sin is your mum." ~ Tidus, FFX
by Steaver370 November 23, 2004
A retarded chicken that is misleadingly made out to be a "live broadcast" when it is actually pre-recorded. It can pick out words in the middle of junk, like "fjkdlfakjljfkjumpfjkdlfjad" (look in the middle, you'll see "jump"), yet cannot understand "L I G H T S - O F F" (it will understand "lights off"). The only reason I don't diss this completely is because Nikita likes it, and cuz I'm crazy about her... oops, I shouldn't be saying that where she can see it. Oh well.
"Hi I'm A Retarded Subservient Chicken"
by Steaver370 April 25, 2004
Just what it says.
No I don't fucking swear, no I don't use weapons, and I shoot anyone who does!
by Steaver370 May 08, 2004
What Alvaro fucks.
Alvaro fucks arses wearing glasses.
by Steaver370 May 09, 2004

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