60 definitions by Steaver370

A gang which Sabian is a member of.
Fuck you.
by Steaver370 June 06, 2004
I made that word up, so in your face Sabian!
And by the way, Rhys is the actual name of someone.
by Steaver370 May 09, 2004
A word with no meaning whatsoever.
I fuckalotalus don't fuckalotalus give fuckalotalus a fuckalotalus shit.
by Steaver370 April 26, 2004
A number half way between 83 and 84.
80.5 + 3 = 83.5 (unless you work it out incorrectly)
by Steaver370 April 25, 2004
The new alternative to "motherfucker"
Don't talk to me like that you niggerfucking asshole.
by Steaver370 April 24, 2004
Someone who is a retard and very good at it. Usually gets paid for it.
Yo Cyril, ya fuckin professional retard!
by Steaver370 September 21, 2004
The hardest monster in FFX other than Penance and maybe Dark Anima.
I beat Nemesis using only Yuna!
by Steaver370 May 28, 2004
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