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a total ween, who is socially substandard. Prone to brown nosing, crying off and totally misjudging the feel of banter. Sometimes referred to as a 'jub'. A good example of a 'Swirlsy' will often be seen on his own at lunch, drinking innocent smoothie for kids with several rolls of tumble weed following him around.

Addendum: 'Swirlsy' is derived from the name Mr Swirls. The colourful internet character who believed swirling his face out using Microsoft paint would be sufficient to fool MI5
'Oh great, here comes swirlsy drinking his innocent smoothie for kids, what a loser'

'Dude, did you see that loser get totally blown out by that hottie? Yeah, that guy is totally swirlsy.'
by Steamer J November 27, 2008

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