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A rare disorder related to Stockholm Syndrome where upon being mugged by a Hobo while taking a piss, the victim takes pity on the mugger and gives him a BJ. In an effort to comfort the Hobo and gain trust, the victim will swallow the Hobo's man custard. A bond develops between the mugger and victim, to such a level where, as a sign of gratitude, the Hobo returns the victims wallet (sans £60).
Mick: Dave, where you been?
Dave: Just been hangin' a piss in that seedy alley way, some cunt just stole my wallet
Mick: Right, so how do you explain the jizz running down the side of your mouth?
Dave: What? fuck that, someone get me a crowbar, I'm gonna go after the cunt who stole my wallet
Mick: Dave, face it, you're a Hobo Semen Eating Dude.
Dave: Dude, I'm strugglin'
by Steamboat Willie Dude March 05, 2007

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