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A sneaky negro who steals things without alerting the popo and with lots of stealth
Did you just see that?
That snegro took your bike!
Damn Snegro!
by Steam April 12, 2008
A large sacred vehicle which carries a tank filled with humen feces, which is found inside of a honey hole, and is transported to a secluded location where it is dried and then scraped up to be disposed of elsewhere
-You smell that Jimmy?
-Hey I know that smell from somewhere!
-Thats right Jimmy that smell is from the local honey wagon
by Steam April 23, 2008
trash and garbage, simultaneously mixed, usually emits a decent stench, sometimes oozing.
I sipped the fluid out of the bottom of the bage of trarbage, and i later died.
by Steam February 03, 2008
A cement tank filled with human feces, where it ferments until a Honey Wagon comes and sucks it clean
-Uh oh
-I think we just dug into a honey hole
-Quick! scatter
by Steam April 23, 2008

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