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The act of changing perfectly good words by a cell phone spell checker at the moment a text is send. Or changing a misspelled word to something that’s not even close and then sending the text without giving you any options.
John: “Dude, where did you learn to spell? Your text was all messed up.”

Dave: “I know, my cell spelljacked my text again.”
#spell jacked #spell-jacked #spell checker #hijacked #spelljacking
by Stealth KC May 05, 2010
The act of sharing a fart by immediately fanning in the direction of a friend to share the love.
John: ”What are you doing? You better not be fart fanning me.”

Dave: “Just sharing the love dude”

John: “OMG!, what did you eat”?
#fart #smelly #farting #stink #flatulate #flatulance #fanning #fan #direction #share #sharing
by Stealth KC May 05, 2010
The act of when a spellchecker gives you alterative spellings of a missed spelled word that are not even close to the word you typed. Even to the point of giving you alterative spellings that don’t even start with the same letter.
John: “Why did you put ‘Zigzags’ at the bottom of your text?
Sherry: “I guess my blackberry has Spellchecker Dyslexia and changed 'xoxoxo' to 'zigzags' when it spelljacked my text”.
#spell checker #dyslexic #dislexia #spellcheck #texting #message
by Stealth KC May 05, 2010
A Senfu (Sen-FÜ) is a teacher or head instructor of a Martial Art that teaches techniques from both Chinese and Japanese traditional martial arts.

The title Senfu is derived from both the Japanese title "Sensei" (term for a teacher) and the Chinese title "Sifu" (term for a master or teacher).
Osu! Senfu, What will we be learning today?
#sensei #sifu #teacher #master #chinese #japanese #martial arts #title #instructor
by Stealth KC May 06, 2010
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