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The place where all asian parents want their children to study one day just to save face, and think that it's best for them.
It might look better on your resume.
Parent: Take advanced functions and calculus and vectors next year to prepare yourself for university.
Teen: WTF?
by Stealth! February 25, 2008
A crap, overrated movie that contains annoying songs, yet they get stuck to your head and a cheesy plot where there's a happy ending and the 2 main characters end up together.
Disney's lame representation of high school where there are no problems in life and you end up with the person you fall in love with, and people are told to "stick to their status quo" instead of trying something new.
Kid: *watching Disney channel and dancing along to High School Musical*

HSM freak: *singing in hallway* We're all in this together once we know--
Dude: STFU.
HSM freak2: I have a HSM binder, stickers, pencil case, dolls, and --
Dude: I'll burn them all!
by Stealth! April 08, 2008
A doll that has a big head, lips, feet and no nose. They wear too much make up, and bratz babies look like they have make up on. They dress like a slut and bring a bad message to little girls who play with them. They might start thinking they have to dress pretty like them to look "good" -_- All they advertise is fashion.
Tokyo A Go-Go, Bratz Boys
by Stealth! August 04, 2006
A boy band that only teeny boppers like, and most likely because of their looks. They target the young audiences of age 8-14. They are overrated, just like Zac Efron.
Teeny bopper: *SQUEALS* AAAAAH JOE is SOOOO HAWT! <33333

Dude: The Jonas brothers are ugly monkeys who can't sing.
by Stealth! February 25, 2008
A dirty, stinky, filthy place where there are litter on the ground, smokers, and beggars sitting around waiting for a donation. One might randomly appear and wash your car dashboard for money. Most of the shops and restaurants there are Chinese.
Person 1: Let's go shop at Chinatown!
Person 2: ...
Person 1: At least they got some cheap ripped DVDs.
by Stealth! August 11, 2007

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