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1: A nervous breakdown or freak out.

2: A spontaneous narrative report of events that never happened. It consists of the creation of false memories, perceptions, or beliefs about the self or the environment due to, but not limited to methamphetamine use

3: Memories that are not based on actual events.

4: A fantastic hope or plan that is regarded as being nearly impossible to achieve.
1: Chill bro, it's not the cops dude, don't have an methepisode.

2: Man, its so embarrassing I cant take my girlfriend anywhere with out her losing it and having a methepisode.

3: You should have seen her. She ended up freaking out having an methepisode and killed everyone.

4: I was so worked up at the cop I was at the point of feeling as tho I was going to have methepisode.

5: The pressure and workload associated with my job caused me to have a severe methepisode and I ended up getting arrested and fired in the same day.
by Steals January 06, 2011

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