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45 definitions by Steagles

When one fliches after someone throws a fake hit or punch their way.
OH dat nigga jumped, now he bout to get he ass beat fo real.
by Steagles February 12, 2006
26 24
A combination of English and dialects of African-Americans descended from West African peoples. Sometimes known as African American Vernacular English, but thats a bitch term.
Hey, yo boy, we ain't speakin' no ebonics, watchu talkin' bout nigga.
by Steagles February 12, 2006
48 46
A single by the Scorpions from 1980. It's a great workout song.
Let's eat a lot, let's drink a lot
make all your dreams come true
a hundred eyes, of mercify
a street we call The Zoo
by Steagles June 06, 2006
15 15
A female aging celebrity who tries to look as attractive as she once was, but fails to as a result of her face resembling melting butter.

see fugly
Did you say Lizzie Grubman? Boy, what a butter face!
by Steagles February 10, 2006
19 19
Another term coined by Mavis Leonard used to refer to the cannibalistic act of devouring an African-American. Her nephew was devoured in a similar manner and she compares this to the Catholic practice of "mackin on Jesus".
Mavis Leonard: Them Catholics wanna mack on my boy. Like some kinda negro smorgasboard they got goin on...
by Steagles June 06, 2006
17 20
In ghetto slang a term used to regard those seen as social inferiors.
Loser (walking through hallway): Watchout, son!
Popular thug: No, YOU watchout nigga!
Loser: *silence*
by Steagles June 06, 2006
16 29
A Football video game series where, in recent titles, it is way too easy to throw an interception. Only reason why I still play QB Club 99.
Man, I was playing Madden ’03 and I was throwing to Marvin Harrison and all of a sudden Troy Polamalu pops up out of nowhere, catches the ball, and returns it for a defensive touchdown…wtf, Troy Polamalu wasn’t even playing in ’03! This game’s fucked.
by Steagles June 06, 2006
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