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Rated RKO was a WWE tag team which consisted of Edge and Randy Orton. Its name was made by morphing Edges nickname {Rated R Superstar} with Orton's finishing manoeuver RKO.

The team formed in 2006 on an episode of the Cutting Edge. Their mission was to destroy DX, which in turn would "take back our championships, take back our lives, our careers".

They were 1 time tag team championship holders, but the team was more than they that. They victimised the Raw roster, including doing a conchairto on Ric Flair {a hilarious moment!} and of course, ending the reign of DX.

Their promos - scintilating. Their matches - epic. Their impact - legendary. Rated RKO will live forever.
Adam - "DX sucks. A couple of hasbeens performing a tired old act"
Randy - "I agree, Rated RKO are much better, they are the present and future of the WWE"
by SteRDLK May 30, 2009
WWEC is an acronym for World Wrestling Entertainment Chat.

WWEC is a legendary chat room based on WWE, but WWE talk is rare there.

WWEC is a fun, yet depressing place to go to.

Some WWEC legends include Stephen Sol, Vicky, Adam, United, Alex, Kevin, AJ, Rush, Wowzerz, Lewis, Binks, Liane, Zach, Chikiis, Mike, Hizzle, Gio, Eric, Wolak, Calvin, Original Nick, Abreialle, Maria, Chikita, and of course Nash.
Random Noob - "Hey WWEC, I love Cena and DX, wassup"

Me - "A cieling is up, and Cena sucks. Rated RKO killed DX coz they were old twats. Now fuck off before I SKP your CONCRETE STEEL SKULL in a CONTROLLED FRENZY while jizzing over WWE.COM DAILY DIVA"

WWEC Legends - "wtf omg lol haha lmao rotflmao bbq"
by SteRDLK July 11, 2009

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