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4 definitions by Stazi

A term for walking aimlessly about, used especially when speaker is thinking about something else, or is very sleepy.
"Another tutorial with nothing to do. I s'pose we'll be wanderly randoming around the campus, eh?"
by Stazi December 09, 2002
from roots "happ-", to feel joy, and "hoppity", to jump around Being happy and also hyper. Jumping around with joy.
"I got an A I got an A and so I got a candy and so now I am ~*happy*~"
by Stazi December 09, 2002
not very good, mediocre
That runthrough was shtunky! Get on the ball!
by Stazi December 07, 2002
Sophisticated peashooter. Performs at high frequencies and can be shattering at close range.
The flute squealed agonizingly, five ledger lines about the rest of the band.
by Stazi December 13, 2004