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In street terms an Ekene is one who lacks common knowledge and is usually 'bitch-made'. An Ekene is also one who is an expert at tree climbing....in regards to running away from the police.

In medical terms it can be used an an Afrocentric to treating blueberry waffle disease. having sex with an Ekene will most likely leave your balls hanging and blue, your penis will appear to be broken and you will most definitely have a scabies-like itch if not treated in less than 3 minutes.

Many people are friends with an Ekene due to his or her blunt personality, though it is only temporarily until he or she fucks your boyfriend. You may see an Ekene jaywalking on some of the popular streets of Jersey Shore. Most Ekene's are known to be close friends with Tila Tequila and or Britney Spears.

If you see an Ekene and you start to develop sexual feelings with him or her, please i advise you to wear five condoms........as the first four will deteriorate from the acids from HIS or her vagina.
Boy 1: My God, my balls feel like they're being tugged and my dick feels like its peeling.

Boy 2: Sounds to me like you picked an Ekene up from the bar last night.

Boy 3: Ekene? awwww shit i just fucked it last night. No wonder ive been pissing off acid...

"Drugs, alcohol, and Ekenes have ruined my life, ladies hold on to your boyfriends and don't befriend that sick bitch Ekene."

*Looks at the grave of his dead friend Andrew* "*sighs*...you just had to go and FUCK Ekenes didnt you....?"
by StayoffMyGrass195 December 06, 2011

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