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wankers who take over sacred ground of the cosmoss and destroy all in their path, for no obvious reason apart from blind rage caused by....them being to dumb? i dont know, but they are loosers. i might go and buy a katana and go on a killing spree of townies...ahh...
white, gold, and greasy hair made even greasier by hair gel, with a cap to top it off. also sock tucked into white a track suite. also like running away from "PIGS". Townie with a cause, a football fan.

"mate, got any booze"
"nah mate, lets nick some..."
"yea ok init sound safe BO!"
*nick booze*
"ARRRRR MATE look what we got, some booze!"
"Yeah mate..."
*drank lotsa booze*
"mate your a fucking prik"
"you want some you you...you........."
"come on then you yella belly!"
"nah safe mate, id never start on you init, coz your sound init"
"sound mate, goh, you had me going for a second there, init"
by Stash Monster April 14, 2004

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