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1. lengthy prog rock/hard rock tune by the Canadian band Rush. I think it refers to a classic piece of lit called "Kubla Khan", don't quote me on this.

2. one of the most wretchedly godawful movies ever made. An absolute waste of time, film, money and effort. It was a total dud and a bomb during the summer of 1980. The story line was unbelievably stupid. It was possibly the worst movie ever released to public cinemas until that exalted status was taken by "Sibling Rivalry" ten years later. It starred the Aussie Olivia Newton-John as a "muse", can U dig it? But it gets worse from there, much worse. About the best thing about this flick is the historical fact that the action that occured during the music clips foretold the emergence of MTV the following year. The soundtrack ain't too bad, however. Olivia scored a big hit with "Magic", another one with "Suddenly" (with Cliff Richard), and the title track with the "Electric Light Orchestra". ELO also scored high with their own "I'm Alive" and "All Over the World". Despite the embarrassment that this shitty movie placed upon them, ELO and Olivia would go on further into their music careers with even more success.
1. When I saw Rush on their "30th Anniversary Tour" in 2004 they played a wide spectrum of classics, including "Xanadu".

2. I first saw Xanadu on TV at my grandparents' house one summer a few years after that movie first came out. A complete piece of trash. Olivia herself would later star in another flick, "Two of a Kind", with John Travolta again. It too was an utter pile of puke. My roomate commented on Olivia's nice ass. That was the best thing you could say about that one.
by Starpunk December 06, 2007
wretched, horrible, extremely lousy
the pop charts and the radio over the last 10 years have been dominated by a lot of godawful crap.
by Starpunk November 08, 2006
a abbreviation term used often in the U.S.Navy to denote Filipina women, especially hookers. It means "Little Brown Fucking Machines."
Ed got the clap from an LBFM around Subic Bay this past weekend. He never acquainted himself with the Trojan man.
by Starpunk September 20, 2007
1. a nickname for the famous roadside hotel chain Howard Johnsons.

2. a nickname for the British singer and keyboardist Howard Jones.
1. I was eating dinner at a HoJo in Memphis. The tray liner paper said, "If it tastes as good as your mom's, it must be Howard Johnsons."

2. HoJo had some big hits in the 80s such as "Things Can Only Get Better", "Life in One Day", "New Song", "You Know I Love You, Don't You?", and "Everlasting Love".
by Starpunk December 19, 2007
a pleasant state of America that has many exciting attractions such as the Great American Kazoo Factory (in Eden), Niagara Falls, New York City attractions, and several Iroquois Indian reservations where you can stock up on gas and other stuff without paying a state tax (all the money goes back to the Native American community)!
Eveywhere I went in New York State I couldn't find a "I-heart-NY" shirt. I do love New York State, a lot.
by Starpunk November 19, 2006
a phrase that babe Sarah Connor says to the Terminator that has its head in a press grip. She then hits the button and the head is squashed flat, destroying the violent cyborg.
The wrestler meets his opponent: You're terminated, fucker!
by Starpunk January 06, 2007
adj. Has the state of sucking to the max. Has a high degree of suckability.
My girlfriend took me out to the dollar cinema and we saw the movie "Sibling Rivalry". I had NEVER seen a movie so sucky. It was depressing that anyone would find such trash to be entertaining.
by Starpunk November 06, 2006

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