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the greatest band in the world right now - while there's crappy nu-metal, corporate pop, hat acts, violence and kinky sex (and other things) glorifying rap, emo, poserpunk and other trash - then there's U2. They are true originals, their lyrics tend to lean to the spiritual side (as well as being mature and intelligent in the first place), and the guitarist is the aptly named "Edge". They hail from Dublin, Ireland and have been together for over 30 years and they still make top-quality rock and roll. That's right, the most innovative, original and inspiring rock supergroup in the past 3 decades doesn't come from America, doesn't come from Britain, but from Ireland. Imagine that. I saw them in concert twice and they kick the crap out of today's music anyday. Oh, and did I forget to say - U2 ROCKS!
Chuck: So what did you do this weekend?
Me: I went out to Oakland Stadium and saw U2.
Chuck: But I was at Yerba Buena island all weekend.
by Starpunk November 12, 2006
A mighty big hit for the Beatles, it went to #1 on both sides of the Atlantic. It spent a record number of weeks on top of America's Billboard, a record that was equaled by "Every Breath You Take" by The Police. A classic.
1. When I was in military recruit training ("boot camp") I was assigned to Junior Officer Of the Deck (JOOD) watchstanding security duty. I wore a yellow armband on my left shirt sleeve that said "JOOD". Every hour I'd tour the building to ensure that all was "secure". I entered my company's barrack room and one of my fellow company mates was standing next to a bunk singing "Hey JOOD. Don't be afraid. Take a sad song and make it better. Remember...". When I got to a compartment on the third floor a recruit shouted, "Hey look, fellas! It's the JOOD!" The whole company broke into singing "Hey Jude" (Hey JOOD, get it?). When I was back on the Quarterdeck on the first floor, you could hear the singing continuing on: ... bettah, bettah, bettah, bettah, bettah, bettah, yeaaaaah! Da da da da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da, hey, Jude!...". Recruit training isn't much fun for anyone, but this was pretty amusing.

2. I saw Sir Paul McCartney on Saturday Night Live on TV perform "Hey Jude". People in the audience screamed their heads off. One time when Paul was singing the vocals for this song in the studio (or maybe during a Beatles TV performance) he screamed so intensely he passed out. He didn't konk out when performing on SNL that night.
by Starpunk December 19, 2007
really strange, maybe a little crazy. Also, it's the title of a hit album by superstar Michael Jackson.
Me, Rich and Bill agree that one of the things that make the band Talking Heads so cool is that they are so off the wall.
by Starpunk September 20, 2007
Parents Music Resource Center or for other people it's the Pushy Misanthropes Railing for Censorship. A bunch of fascist bitches who don't believe in the free expression of ideas. Stickering albums wasn't enough, founder Tipper Gore and her pestering friends tried to get ALL music that offended them banned. In the 90s many musical writers started to write more offensive music because the "Parental Advisory" sticker became a badge of honor. As a result, music offensive to the PMRC sold millions of units and scored high on the charts. The problem with all this is, people began to value "controversy" over artistic merit and the quality of popular music took a nose dive.
"We have a problem in America today. It's called censorship. We are the Ramones and we believe in the free expression of ideas and we have this to say tonight: FUCK THE PMRC!" Joey Ramone August 1990
1951 - 2001 R.I.P.
by Starpunk November 15, 2006
the original and best punk rock band. Formed in New York City in 1974, when rock'n'roll and pop was full of depressing shit (this was after the Beatles broke up), the Ramones wanted to bring the excitement back to rock'n'roll music. And they did! Oh yeah! Rock'n'roll was revitalized and fun again and would be until the mid 90s. I saw this band 4 times before they broke up in 1996. They ALWAYS played different setlists and they always delivered first-rate rock'n'roll. Today's poser punk bands do not measure up to these guys. LONG LIVE THE RAMONES!
Check out their anthology "Hey! Ho! Let's Go!" and their live album "Loco Live". This is the first band to be officially labeled as "punk", and they're still better than the rest (although there have been many other great punk bands since the Ramones, too!). .
by Starpunk November 07, 2006
basically, it's someone who claims to be a Christian but doesn't follow the teachings of Jesus. They often go to church on the Sabbath wearing dresses and suits and ties, play a prominent role in the congregation, are married and have children. They tend to vote exclusively Republican (but not always) and try to bully the local community to pass laws favorable to their point of view, try to force their point of view on EVERYBODY around them, try to establish a Christian Iran in America, and brag about how moral they are and how loyal the family is to them. They tend to be white racists, prejudiced against all those who are not like them. Women hypochristians often are soccer moms. To sum it up, a hypochristian is usually a neo con, a "conservative Christian", although some are also of the liberal persuasion, too.
Brad has a wife who he beats up to a pulp every week, and a 15-year-old male lover on the side. He also has raped his daughter and her school friend, as well as "done it" with his dog, Dexter. He has stolen money from church, tries to force his views on the community, considers what he don't like to be "liberal" or "communist" or "godless". He brags about his Christianity but often tells racist jokes at work. He is a hypochristian to the max.
by Starpunk November 29, 2006
to party like there's no tomorrow. Live like today's your last. In the 1983 Prince hit "1999" he refers to "2000-0-0 party over, oops - out ot time" so tonight he "parties like it's 1999". This became a catch phrase in the American lexicon.
After the Pink Floyd concert we walked over to the campus strip, hit the bars and restaurants, drank like fish and generally we decided to party like it's 1999.
by Starpunk November 13, 2006

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