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a white rap trio that helped popularize hip hop about 20 years ago. About all they got is juvenile, smug, frat-boy humor and immature attitude. Take all that away and you ain't got nothing. Even their first hit, the heavy metal "You've Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party" is stupid and pretty one-dimensional.
The Beastie Boys are three immature boneheads that were panned by the critics in 1987, but now the critics suck the Beasties' dicks like the Beasties tell them to in one of their songs.
by Starpunk February 07, 2007
a racist term that denotes that something is completely haywire. When one says that something is as "hosed up like a Chinese fire drill" it means that there is a massive confusion going on. The complexities and complications of the Chinese language is probably a factor in the use of this term. Still, it's a racist term to use because it implies that Chinese people don't have their shit together. Besides, if you were to see a REAL fire drill in China it probably would be just as orderly as one held in the West, even with the Chinese language being as difficult as it is. Sometimes the term "Polish fire drill" is used to mean the same thing.
Billy is 16 and taking driver's ed. He pumped the accelerator too forcefully. He killed the engine and needs to wait a minute or two, then start it up again. Sitting next to him is the driving instructor Gerald. Gerald tells Billy that he's got it all fucked up like a Chinese fire drill.
by Starpunk October 13, 2007
an overrated, cocaine-fueled, whitebread, surburban, corporate, Anglo-American "California" Seventies Adult Contemporary band with a strong yuppie and soccer mom fan base. Their "classic" 1977 album "Rumors" ain't so great. What they did in the Eighties IS an improvement, however. Still, they are a favorite of Tipper Gore, who tried to censor ALL music she didn't like, and take away our freedom of choice and expression. Fleetwood Mac is for those who don't like their music to be too challenging. This is a reason why we had to have the punk rebellion. Check out the members' solo albums for more exciting music.
Fleetwood Mac has a handful of decent singles (like "Tell Me Lies") but that's about it. When Bill Clinton was inaugerated in 1993, Fleetwood Mac reformed to play for the elite crowd. The muckety-mucks were on TV shaking their butts. WFD.
by Starpunk November 17, 2006
a follower of the religion of Islam. They worship God and follow the Ten Commandments just like Christians and Jews do. It's just another religion: you got your true practioners and believers, and you got your hypocritefanatics who are always trying to spoil the party. True Islam is not what you see on TV. Terrorism is against the teachings of the faith.
I knew a few Muslim women in college and they did not wear flowing robes or burquas or any of that stereotypical getup. I've talked to some Muslim men there too and there was none of that "kill the infidels" shit. I also once went to a mosque in northern Ohio and talked to some of the parishioners. They were decent, ordinary, American people. They spoke respect and admiration for Christianity and Judaism, the other two major "God" faiths. They were very nice to me, and I was never scared.
by Starpunk November 29, 2006

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