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1. child, descendent

2. a poser band that thinks they're punk but are not. Punk is more than a music style and the Offspring just ain't got it.
1. Drew Barrymore is an offspring of the famous Barrymore acting family.

2. Geek: I'm really punk. I like the Offspring and fucking Green Day.

Punk: Good Lord!
by Starpunk November 07, 2006
the ugliest car in the world, made in France. Popular in Europe.
On Highway 315 I saw a Citroen on the road. It was as ugly as hell.

I saw a Citroen in the automotive museum in Sparks, Nevada. A sign next to it proclaimed it as the "ugliest car in the world". I believe it.
by Starpunk November 19, 2006
A fascist anti-Christ who killed over 6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews in the Holocaust, not to mention millions of soldiers and civilians. His legacy continues in anti-Christ dictators like his disciple Slobodan Milosevic, who died earlier this year.
***In the 1990's***
CNN: Slobodan Milosevic is on trial for genocide and the rape of over a million women.

TV watcher: Hitler lives.
by Starpunk June 16, 2006
snob factory - paid for by snobs, generates snobs
Private school kid: I'm better than you! Bow down to ME!
Public school kid: Go to hell, asshole!
by Starpunk June 17, 2006
1. a hog ball. Sometimes the testicle is from a cow. Sometimes called Mountain Oysters. A delicacy in the southern states of the United States, and maybe other regions of America too. Not well known in the Midwest.

2. a country music band from Canada that formed in 1974 and continues on to this day. They've scored some hits in Canada and the U.S.A.. They've been awarded many Juno awards (Canada's version of the Grammies).
1. when I was 17 me, my sister and my parents went on a long vacation, going to Texas and many other states. One day we stayed at my aunt's and uncle's place in Memphis. Some of us went to a local grocery store after visiting Mud Island. On top of some freezers there were several Mason jars filled with purplish pickling juice, at the bottom of each jar was a big, white globular mass. A sign in front of the jars said that they contained prairie oysters. I've eaten many exotic animal meats (bison, elk, alligator, shark, octopus, rattlesnake to list a few) and I've found them to be delicious. But I don't think I can ever eat pig gonads. I got my limits.

2. a few years ago I was in a music store in either Mississaugua or maybe in northern Toronto. I saw a Prairie Oyster album in the bins. I asked these two Canadian chicks who worked there if they knew what a "prairie oyster" was in some parts of America. They didn't know, so I told them, that and the fact that some people EAT them. That really grossed them out.
by Starpunk October 14, 2007
so he was a member of a robotic boy band too dumb and untalented to have the discipline and maturity to learn how to sing, write, or play instruments, that were assembled by a greedy fat cat that cares nothing about the quality of music that scored hits and won girlies' hearts with their droid "dancing", shitty harmonies and "good looks" (that's questionable)? And so after this American Menudo split up, he went on a solo career? So he caused a "wardrobe malfunction" on live TV with Janet Jackson, who hasn't had a hit that was worth a shit for years? So he has sown his wild oats here and there? So he has bragged about doing that with Britney Spears, who is another corporate airhead bimbo, and he shacked up with her as well? So he dueted with Mick Jagger at the Rolling Stones gig for the SARS benefit in Toronto a few years ago? That wuss is not even worthy to kiss the ground beneath the Stones' feet. So he thinks he's really manly and macho? Magazine critics are now kissing his ass, calling him an "R&B" singer? A man he'll never be. He's a total lunkhead, a zero, a pansy.
Justin Tinkerbell, you ain't SHIT!
by Starpunk December 19, 2007
basically, an excuse for some people to hate Japanese. In World War II the Japanese military attacked the U.S. station in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This led to the U.S. entering the war. While people here can forgive Germany for what the atrocities the Nazi government did, they still hold a grudge against ALL Japanese people, despite the fact that General Hideki Tojo(the fascist dictator of Japan) and his cabinet were tried as war criminals and executed, and Japan and the U.S. are now allies, yet for some the hatred remains. This is the Pearl Harbor excuse.
Despite the fact that in the War of 1812 the British burned Washington D.C., we have forgiven them for that but we haven't forgiven the "Japs" for the Pearl Harbor attack. We keep using the Pearl Harbor excuse for our "Jap-bashing".
by Starpunk November 10, 2006
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