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A "new wave" rock'n'roll band from Australia that kicked mighty ass in the 1980s and 1990s. Their intelligent lyrics and hard driving music rocked an entire generation. Their singer/songwriter Michael Hutchence had a Jaggeresque swagger (some INXS songs show a strong Stonesy influence). He was found dead in 1997 after the band had scored many hits around the world. After that they got a replacement in J.D. Fortune and resumed activity. Still, without Hutch and his macho stage aura (and superb songwriting abilities), it just ain't the same. INXS ROCKS! INXS KICKS ASS!
The best INXS albums include "Listen Like Thieves", "Welcome to Wherever You Are", "Kick", "X", and "Full Moon Dirty Hearts". Their anthology "Shine Like It Does" is EXCELLENT! Also check out their video DVDs.
by Starpunk November 17, 2006
the Jagger Swagger is the confident, cocky, attitude - stoked air and persona that Mick Jagger emits when he struts his butt on the walkway and flicks his hands in the air. Then he shakes his toosh out for the pleasure of the audience. He does this several times during a Rolling Stones concert. He oozes of the feel of rebellious air and sneering 'tude. Of course he adds to it by snarling most of his vocals. All these qualities have led some critics to label it all being conceited, but these traits have made Mick a major influence and inspiration to countless rock-n-rollers.
Michael Hutchence ("Hutch") of INXS certainly has the Jagger Swagger. He's often compared to Jim Morrison of the Doors but his voice has some Jaggeresque inflections and he shows some Mick Jagger influence in his aura and performing style as well. I never got to see INXS live in concert (unfortunately) but I have seen them on TV and Michael clearly had been studying some of Mick's stage antics, style and attitude. Of course, even though INXS is often classified as a "New Wave" band, there's a strong Stonesy element in their rock-n-roll. I have seen the Stones live in concert and the powerful imprints that they have made on many, many bands (including INXS) was very apparent that night in sound and live image (the Jagger Swagger and many other influences). Michael, we miss you and we need you more now than ever. RIP dude.
by Starpunk April 30, 2008
1. one of the planets of our solar system. Ceres and "Xena" are also planets. Anything that is round, orbits a star and is NOT a star itself is a planet, no matter what those cretins in the IAU say.

2. a Disney cartoon dog
1. Pluto is a planet, damn it!

2. My mom posed with me and Pluto when we were in Disneyworld in Florida.
by Starpunk October 06, 2006
In America and most of the world, "pissed" is a vulgar term denoting anger and frustration. Sometimes the word is followed by "off" to mean the same thing. In Great Britain and Ireland the word "pissed" means "drunk" or "intoxicated" and is generally not considered vulgar.
When I saw the Beatles Anthology miniseries on TV, occasionally the Beatles and/or other people would say a swear word and it would be bleeped, because this program was broadcast on network TV (on ABC, in the spirit of the Anthology the network hyped itself as "Ay-Beatle-Cee". Uh-huh.). George Harrison was talking about the group being on the Magical Mystery bus travelling to promote the "Magical Mystery Tour". Pub patrons would stand outside and wave at the Fab Four, George said that they were "pissed". That word was not bleeped out. Knowing that people outside the UK and Ireland would be watching this program, George explained the term's definition by stating, "Oh. Getting pissed is the same as getting plastered".
by Starpunk December 09, 2007
a catchphrase used by politicians to promote their images.
First used by Dan Quayle in the 1992 election.
Tom: that candidate promotes family values!

Jerry: that means that he beats and cheats on his wife, molests his kids, operates a meth lab on the side, and is a dogfucker.

Tom: Oh.
by Starpunk January 03, 2007
1. in America it's a prominent star formation in the Northern sky that is part of the constellation Ursa Major, the Great Bear. In the UK this is called the Plough or Charles' Wain.

2. in the UK, a big dipper is what Americans call a rollercoaster.

1. Look! That meteor streaked out from the Big Dipper.

2. In the Peter Gabriel hit "Sledgehammer" he says ... you can have a big dipper/going up and down, around the bends/you can have a bumper car, bumping/it's the thrill that never ends...
by Starpunk September 20, 2007
1. an American new wave band that existed from 1976 to 1988. They made great music that drew in classic rock and punk fans. They made innovative award-winning videos and were the kind of band that no one was a fanatic of, yet no one hated (except maybe your mother). Their image and lyrics were primarily about girls, cars, girls, nights on the town, girls, rock'n'roll and girls. Great fun.

2. a killer computer-animated movie released in 2006 that features the voice of Owen Wilson portraying the protagonist carLightning McQueen. Not rip-roaring funny but if you look hard enough, the humor is there (especially in the various scattered pop culture references). OK, the plot does bog down a little bit in the middle of the story, and there are one or two wussy pop songs, too but Cars is a very enjoyable movie for all ages. It is IMHO probably the movie that matters the most this year. Slip in the DVD and watch it. You will be thrilled.
1. the best Cars albums include "Candy - O", "Heartbeat City", "Panarama" and "Anthology - Just What I Needed".

2. the movie Cars has a terrific soundtrack featuring cool songs by Sheryl Crow, Rascall Flats(a stunningly faithful cover of Tom Cochran's 1992 hit "Life is a Highway"),Chuck Berry and more. Very entertaining.
by Starpunk November 13, 2006

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