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9 definitions by Starlett

Sirens is a Canadian clothing store that has also expanded into the US. It and Urban Planet are offshoots of the same management company. They also tend to sell a lot of the same clothing, although Urban Planet is traditionally the cheaper, more sporty/hip-hop store, and Sirens is the slightly more expensive, more formal, sexy clothing store. (although both are super cheap...A tank top on sale in Sirens costs ten bucks; a tank top not on sale costs 20-30 dollars!) I have probably made that store thousands of dollars in the past 5 years, as I shop there all the time. They import almost all their clothes from indie labels in California (as does another Canadian clothes store, Limite), and their specialty is revealing, jersey knit tank tops (or halter tops) with low cowl necklines. Their pants are nice, and I adore their skirts and bodysuits, not to mention their corsets. They have some cheap Asian bags, wooden jewelry, thong panties, scarves, and now even some badly made Asian shoes. A lot of the stuff you see on GreatGlam.com in the US ends up at Sirens in Canada. The best store to shop at if you are looking for a cheap, hardcore, sexual look and if you, like me, are into pornstar-style fashion. They also sell a lot of goth, punk, hip-hop, and even preppy things, and yet it all looks very good.
I love the Vaughan Mills Sirens location..every time I go there, I seem to leave with new clothes.
Some people here dislike Sirens due to the bad quality of some of its clothes and the sensual nature of the tops and skirts, but I love the way they highlight my body in a sexy yet tasteful way!
by Starlett June 18, 2006
Long, flowing floor-length pants that have very wide legs. Made of jersey knit material. Some have belts or lace on the waistband. Some have waistbands that can be rolled down to dangerous lows and are very tight on the hips, so they hide and reveal the body at the same time. I like them because they have that 1970s counterculture seductive appeal. The gaucho pants are shorter (calf-length) versions of palazzo pants..and I have knee-length pants like that, too.
I was wearing my palazzo pants with big platforms (not to step on them) and my 1970s hat..and guys were staring at me because I had rolled my waist down very low. At the same time, my legs were completely concealed, so that I looked a bit mysterious and not completely skanky.
by Starlett June 18, 2006
A child around the age of 10/11 who is trying to act like a teenager - wears teen clothes, makeup ect.
"Ewwww, i hate preens, they suck"
by Starlett March 18, 2003
def 1: A person who tries to be cool when really they are totally UN-cool. basically they're trying too hard to be something they're not.

"look at that try-hard over there! i hate when people try to be fashionable like that. it SO doesn't work"

"oh my god, what a fucking try-hard. do they really think that by telling me they're dating an 18 year old i'm gonna think better of them?"
by starlett March 24, 2003
really gross, ugly guy who checks out your body/you with a freaky look on his face.
"oh my god, gross, that pervert over there is staring at me"
by starlett March 24, 2003
A word to use if you're pissed off about something.
"That chick is trying to be better than me, i am SO iced!"
by Starlett March 18, 2003
Another way of saying goodbye.
"Later dude"
by Starlett March 18, 2003