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1 definition by StarkidLUVSEGGS

A supermegafoxyawesomehot Youtube musical group made up of a bunch of totally awesome stud muffins like...
Joe Walker: "Rule number one...."
Joey Richter: "Red vines, what the hell can't they do?"

Joe Moses: "What the devil is going on here?!"

Lauren Lopez: "All respectable wizards wear diapers!"

Dylan Saunders: "What the hell is a hufflepuff?"

Brian Rosenthal: "I can't sleep on my side, I have back problems!"

Darren Criss: "In the muggle world i'm something they call a douchebag."

*Musical Productions are Me and My Dick, AVPM, AVPS, Starship
"I'm going to a Starkid show later tonight!"

"Really? That's totally awesome!"
by StarkidLUVSEGGS June 02, 2011