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2 definitions by StarCraft Maniac

A letter in the Kannada alphabet that is often used for other purposes.
ಠ is used often in the Look of Disapproval: ಠ_ಠ
by StarCraft Maniac August 25, 2011
21 4
A condition in which a person makes frequent typographical errors while gaming, for the most part disregarding grammatical errors that would otherwise take up valuable time to correct. This is typical when a player needs to focus mainly on the game and much less on their typing.
(In-game chat):

Player 1: Thisa gauyh as ilke 500 seigteanks in eed halpe@!

Player 2: Wtf dude, I could barely understand you...

Player 3: Gamerchat much?
by StarCraft Maniac August 25, 2011
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