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Traditionally refers to an accordian, but if you don't know what an accordian is you can use the word to describe some really good pussy.
1. Weird Al Yankovic is a proficient squeeze-box player.
2. Damn, son. Amanda's pussy almost broke my dick off last night. She has one hell of a squeeze-box.
by StarCaptain November 24, 2008
The mouth, usually in reference to fellatio.
Ay, girl, lemme get some o'dat jaw jiggity.
by StarCaptain November 24, 2008
1. Someone who hasn't spent any money, has no money, and isn't getting any money anytime soon.
2. A dog that missed but kept going.
1. I've been getting 10 hours a week at work. This job turned me into a broke-dick dog.
2. Bowser would've been quite the stud, if only his aim were better.
by StarCaptain November 24, 2008

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