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Awesome school, part of the SUNY system. It's nice and fun as long as you don't live on campus. The worst dorm to live in is Blodgett because it is ruled by an evil RD "Niz", who eats babies.

Mystical land ruled by snow and hippies. At least a third of the campus smokes pot, and at least 125% of the campus drinks. Greek life here is either really cool or really lame, and some unrecognized frats are basicaly gangs with greek letters.

Lots of good people, but there's also evil alien demons around who will kill you.There's a mystical creature here called Elmo in the Frat Phi Kappa Psi, which can help show you the answer to enlightenment.

All the town needs is more bars. There's only 20 here, and they only stay open to 1 in the morning on weeknights and 2 on the weekend. We need more party nights instead of just thursday, friday, saturday.
- I totally got wasted in Oneonta, and I woke up dressed like a hippy.
- Residence life in Oneonta works for Satan.
- God was born in Oneonta.
- There are too many talking trees in Oneonta.
by Star Destroyer January 07, 2008
A creepy creature that lives in a pile of fast food bags and wrappers, with zoney boxes.

It likes to techno dance and drinks jack and coke very frequently. Mostly nocturnal and loving sleep the twiginia can be awoken with the offering of Jack Daniels and occasionaly Marijuana Bong hits.

The twiginia often makes a pilgrimage to the bars where it can be seen drinking soco and lime.

It is worshiped by fat girls from delhi who are attracted to its ability to dance and consume large quantities of Jack Daniels.

The Twiginia is a mortal enemy of Evan Williams, little girls walking on the streets, and fat scumbags.

The Twiginia becomes very wise while it is high. It will occasionaly fight the Finokio and break things.
"Good twiginia, awaken and I shall bestow to you the Jack and Coke."

"The Twiginia just pushed those little baby girls down. They look like they feared for their lives"

by Star Destroyer September 21, 2008
A real american hero GI Jesus is there! GI Jesus is responsible for winning both world wars, all wars won by the United States, and for kicking the ass of all religious fanatics. He also grants salvation and immortality to anyone who believes he is their messiah. He allowed himself to be captured by the Romans, so that he could die for all the screwed up stuff we do. His spirit continues to fight today for the United States, agianst anyone who thinks they can defeat the good old USA.
- Hey Osama, GI Jesus is going to blow you straight to hell and then leave you there to burn for all eternity.
by Star Destroyer January 06, 2008
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