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Partial or non-listening where the hearing of wordaggage within overpowers the reception of sound waves from the outside world due to mental agitation. Planetary earitability causes a cross linking of deaf ears, a human barrier, which ignores the cry of both humans and ecosystems thereby increasing global problems and giving rise to further complaint.
Jennifer: We are sinking into nonversation; your (earitability) is rupturing our together space.

Joe: Sorry, my head is stuck metatating old stuff.
by Star Blazer July 14, 2009
The opposite of longevity. A short duration of life due to hot driving burning madness, too much caffeine, too much sex, too much intensity, too much quick chemical food and not enough cooling chill gladness.
Take a break my friend; your shortevity fuse is ripping!
by Star Blazer June 29, 2009
An excess of words caused by the mental stress of information overload thus interfering with the ability to concisely formulate effective language. The weight of wordaggage passes personal baggage on to others.
Hey, keep your load to yourself. Your heavy wordaggage verbiage is overloading my audio input valve. Can you connect your mind to mouth and condense your point?
by Star Blazer July 02, 2009
The act of word-worming rather than book worming. The digestion of language rather than typical ingestion. Wormers compose fresh worldly word material directly from the ethers.
Wow, this morning I woke up from dreaming full of (wormage). I had to excrete immediately, grabbed my pen and wrote five new words that came from nowhere somewhere.
by Star Blazer July 15, 2009

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