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Elliott Smith was one of the greatest singer/songwriters ever. Elliott was from portland. He was not folk, even though he played acroustic He came out with his 1st solo album, Roman Candle, in 1994. He was nominated for an academy award for his work in Good Will Hunting,but lost to Celine Dion. Most people believed he comitted suicide, but I'm convinced his girlfriend killed him. I mean, seriously, who spells their name wrong on their suicide note? Some people think his songs are depressing, but I don't think so. Anyway, Elliott Smith is an artist much missed. Check out the following songs: Between the Bars, Say Yes, Son of Sam, Somebody I Used to Know, In the Lost and Found, Miss Missery, Let's Get Lost, Pretty (Ugly Before), A Fond Farewell, Twilight, and Memory Lane.
1. Bob: Elliott Smith's girlfriend totally killed him.
Me: Yeah.

2. Elliott Smith is so amazingly talented, I wish
I could've seen him in concert, but I was only 9
when he died.
by Stanzie October 06, 2007

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