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of great probability, very much probable
Often used alone as in 'Probalicious! You're not gonna realize it before you fall in love with her.'
by Stanley Wang May 20, 2006
Tencent QQ, generally referred to as QQ, is the most popular free instant messaging computer program in Mainland China. The original name of QQ was OICQ (Open ICQ) when it was initially developed by Tencent Inc. in February 1999. However, because of the possible trademark infringement with another popular instant messenger (ICQ), and also the fact that neither the program nor the protocol is considered "open", Tencent changed its name to QQ.

The lastest version of QQ is QQ2006, while there are several other verions operational at the same time. Like ICQ, QQ members are identified by unique numerical QQ numbers.

Although used mainly in Mainland China, QQ also finds its popularity in South Africa and there are already servers established in SA too.
(In some Chinese chatrooms, these lines may be seen frequently) 'Can you give me your QQ number?'/'Can I have your QQ number?'
by Stanley Wang October 01, 2006

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