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Cheetah Print is a design on a material often clothes that resembles the fur of a Cheetah. Cheetah print clothing is most often worn by ladies who often provide certain services to a man for pay. When it come to hookers the ones in Cheetah print often are the lower end whores, like if your looking for a five dollar blow-job.
Daniel: "Hey Jim I'm really horny" Jim: "Here's five dollars"
Daniel: "Thanks, i think i saw a whore in Cheetah print back there a ways."
by Stanky Dragon December 29, 2011
Noun, a full set of pubic hairs or pubes often very long and not well kept. a Magical Forrest has only one native specie, the bush. but can become infected with, many invasive species such as crabs and other STI's.
"Hey Jim how do I get to the magical Forrest?"

Jim:" You just follow the Happy Trail"
by Stanky Dragon December 29, 2011
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