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A legendary vagina. Said to fit a hundred cocks at once, and heal wounds with its magical menstral juice. One can only hope to obtain this great vagina through a dungeon full of trials and tribulation, found in Samuel L Jackson's basement.
I will one day hope to stick my big cock into the great Va Jay Jay
by Standford August 14, 2006
1. When you are pounding a hot hoe in the rear, and then you ride her down the stairs.
Bitch you just got... SNOWMOBILED! (slap)
by Standford August 14, 2006
The tender very sensitive streach of skin between your ass hole and ball and/or balls. Also known as a gooch.
I heard that jerry shaved his puddin' pouch and cut himself. He died three months later, pukin puddin everywhere.
by Standford February 25, 2007
an object that is uncommonly foreign and is inserted into a person's orifice. such as a tv changer, a magic marker, a lamp, a baseball bat, your dog, a coat rack, or a t-bone stake
A cactus makes a wonderful alien
by Standford August 14, 2006
If one male or female were to continuously masturbate through out the entirity of the day. This resluting in a strong and very painful rash to form at the base of the penis and/or testicals. For a girl this rash will form usually inside the vaginal canal, sometimes worse cases spread to thighs, wounds will leak puss and need to be drained daily. This is also known as "a bad bee sting".
1. I can't come to work today I have a bad bee sting.

2. Gold bond wont fix this carpet burn.
by Standford August 14, 2006
when one waits to long to make a bowel movement and there is a build up of poo in your body. the anus is unable to strech enough to let it through resulting in a ripping of ones asshole and a whole lot of fucking pain
If you didnt have such an eager beaver, maybe we wouldnt have to mop your shit up off the floor
by Standford August 14, 2006
if one is successfully able to insert their head into a menstrating vagina, making sure that the head is covered in blood
Congradulations, sir. Your lobotomy was an incredible success.
by Standford August 14, 2006
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