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(n.) A sport in which numerous people would make origami peace cranes, seals, pigs and other such animals and place them in inconspicuous places, that, if seen, are in plain view. Best played in work places or in schools; the winner is the person who places the most origami without them being removed. Origami placed outdoors without being disfigured are worth two origamis.
"John and I decided to play a game of Origami Hunting. I nearly won, but Mrs. Copperbottom found my origami replica of the Eiffel Tower on top of the OHP at the last minute."
by Standamanisdabest March 05, 2010
(n.) A person who, when playing the popular video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 online, consistently wishes the use the French burst-fire assault rifle, the FAMAS. Typically known as a noob as the FAMAS is the first assault rifle available and is extremely accurate and powerful, therefore forever annoying opponent players.
"Urrgghhh!!! How the hell did he get me!? I had a SPAS-12!!! Urgh, FAMAS noob!!!!" *shakes fist*
by Standamanisdabest March 05, 2010

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