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adj: Describes anything that a guy touches or holds after going to the bathroom without washing his hands. Very typical when hammered or blitzed.
Get your cockhandled hands out of my bag of chips!
by stance July 16, 2004
Hes got stains on his tee shirt and he's the biggest flirt if you mention the rucker you can just forget about it because he won't even talk about it. He has a sack with no nuts.
Yo dude I wish I was as cool as Riley Campbell.
by Stance September 08, 2004
1: A faux-german beer
2: A pansie or wuss or someone who doesn't want to do something cool.
We all wanted to throw rocks of the expressway bridge except for John; what a friggen St. Pauli Girl!
by stance July 16, 2004
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