2 definitions by Stan Oompaloompas

A person in the public eye often referred to as a celebrity even though the vast majority of people have no idea who that person is and may mistake them for a plumber or strip club janitor.
Gerald was quite confused as to how the celebriwho on "cribs" had 16 gold records, a Bentley convertible, a raised golf cart with Louis Vuitton interior, and a photo of him and Andy Dick at a fundraiser for people injured in arcade accidents.
by Stan Oompaloompas April 29, 2009
A male who wears clothing and or accessories which have a ridiculously large logo or other branding in order to show everyone within a 4 mile radius that he is such a high roller that he can sport a shirt which says Armani Exchange large enough to cover 86% of his chest.
That LouisVitool is running his mouth about how big time he is and he how much money there is in industrial carpet fresheners but his multi-color Kia and Ed Hardy shirt I saw him smuggle out of TJ MAXX beg to differ.
by Stan Oompaloompas April 29, 2009

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