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Referring to the darkest, most desolate hellhole on the planet. Rival being Gary, IN. Worst place in America. Usually an insult.
Damn, bitch, yo town look like fucking Flint, MI!
by Stan McKay March 26, 2003
refers to a citizen on Flint, MI. life of a toid is a downward spiral and a wasteland.
That fuckin' toid is eating the cat litter out of the toter again.
by Stan McKay March 26, 2003
noun; used to describe vaginal discharge
Sarah, look at yourself! Your bajina bajuices are getting on the new rug!
by Stan McKay July 17, 2003
Referring to the large growth found on the front of middle aged women, also known as a front butt.
Ms. Akers-Jordan has a really big camel hump and looks bad in those black jeans.
by Stan McKay March 26, 2003
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