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racist, fat, mean-spirited, sexually confused, and funny as hell. A main character on the popular animated show South Park. he hangs out with Kyle Brovloski Stan Marsh and Kenny Mccormick. constanly makes fun off Kyle for being a Jew. He lives with his mother, and we never see his father. He constantly is coming up with crazy plans to make money or just has stupid ideas in order to have fun. He is very whiny at times. He is The Coon
Eric Cartman: "SHUT UP, YOU FILTHY JEW!"

Example 2
Eric Cartman: "Mom, can i get a Chinpokomon toy?"
Mom: "No, poopykins"
Eric Cartman: "But meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem! I want the toy before Kyle gets it so i can be coooooooooooooooool."
by Stan Kyle Kenny Cartman January 26, 2011
The best fucking music festival in the WORLD!!! Located in Austin, Texas (the best city ever and the live music capitol of the world) every September or October. Since its start, ACL has hosted many bands: Coldplay, The Strokes, Muse, Phish, Vampire Weekend, Jack Johnson, deadmau5, Pheonix, Kings of Leon, Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, and many many more!
Guy 1: Dude im going to Austin City Limits Music Festival this year!!

Guy 2:You are so lucky...

Guy 1: I know! its gonna be kickass!

Guy 2: Don't talk to me about it. The pain of not going is too much.
by Stan Kyle Kenny Cartman April 03, 2011
accidental incest; when one has sex with a girl/guy, only to later find out that person is a long-lost brother, sister, cousin, etc. occurs most often in white-trash families in the deep south
Joe Bob: "Cletus had sex with Brandy, only to discover she was his sister, and they had been separated when they were both babies."

Billy: "HAHA! He had accidincest! What a creep."
by Stan Kyle Kenny Cartman March 22, 2011
when a human female sucks on an equestrian animals dick. More often then not, these are performed by horse-riders. This is basically an inter-species blow job.
I saw that chick giving a donkey a blow horse in the stables yesterday.

Bro, that donkey is one lucky ass.
by Stan Kyle Kenny Cartman January 26, 2011
a person whom one has regular casual sex with.
Carter and Bethany are screwmates. They do it every friday night.
by Stan Kyle Kenny Cartman March 22, 2011
When the male rides on a female's back, with his dick in her ass. The female crawls on all fours, like a horse, and the male eats Sauerkraut, like a German.
Guy One: Bro, I gave my girlfriend a German Horse last nite. It was awesome!

Guy Two: I thought you hated sauerkraut.
by Stan Kyle Kenny Cartman January 25, 2011
when a guy is behind a girl and sticks his dick in her ass, then flails his arms around, making it look (from the front) that the girl has four pairs of arms, like many Hindu deities.
Timmy gave Jane an ass hindu in a motel room. When the maid walked in, it startled her, because it looked like a naked girl with four arms.
by Stan Kyle Kenny Cartman January 26, 2011

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