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Used to describe the southeastern states. Ironically, these are the former slave-holding states. Apparently these hillbillies didn't read the whole book.
Jesus: "How are things looking on Earth, Dad?"

God: "Well, the Bible Belt is still dumber than hell."
by Stan Kovalev November 06, 2006
Sounded by Barrel at the beginning of a Barn Door. The dogbells usually include the following chants:

"Dogs! Dogs! Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!..."
"Dog pictures on a corkboard! Dog pictures on a corkboard!..."

Note: No dogs are present at Barn Door. None live there. No one has ever been able to make sense out of the infamous dobells.
Mike: "Are we gonna be on time to hear the dogbells sound?"

Stan: "Yes, the dogbells don't usually sound before 7 p.m."
by Stan Kovalev November 06, 2006

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