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2 definitions by Stan Klecha

Pafoofnik - 1)A proper last name used as a scapegoat, or a wherewithall. (wherewithall is something that can be used for anything) Any first name can be used I.E.; Joe Pafoofnik, Sam Pafoofnik, etc. 2)If you don't want someone to know your identity, become a 'Pafoofnik'.
"Who broke that lamp?" Ans.: "Pafoofnik"
"What's your name?" Ans; "Joe Pafoofnik."
"Where did that come from?" Ans: "Pafoofnik brought it."
by Stan Klecha October 03, 2005
A word used to describe everything and anything. (See Pafoofnik) If you don't know Who, What, When, Where, Why, or what for, use a wherewithall.
"John's description of that color as gloopy was a wherewithall."
by Stan Klecha October 03, 2005