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Our society's language is slowly diminishing. We went from English to Internet slang to leet to 1337 to 1337-speek to Speek.

Instead of people typing like we talk, now we talk like we type. Hard to go anywhere amongst younger people now without them saying something involving Speek.
Some examples of Speek include:
lol - "lawl(z)" - "I got 50% on my test, lawl."
pwn - "pown(zord)" - "Hah, I pwnzord that guy in the face!"
rofl - "roffle"
lmao - "ell-maow"
U R - "uhr" - "Uhr an idiot."
by Stammer 6 May 18, 2006
Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, or;
Many Men Online Playing as Girls

A popular online RPG-style video game.
An RPG is any video game where your character gains experience instead of you. In turn, it involves more strategy and less skill than your average First Person Shooter (FPS) game or Action-style game.
Being online, it allows you to interact with other characters a lot more, and constant updates must be made.
With this, unlike most FPS or Strategy online games, the whole idea behind these games are community. MMORPG's can be defined as "helping other people". The game World of Warcraft (WoW) can be classified more under the standard RPG than under MMORPG because it does not have the "community" aspect of the MMORPG; however, many people would debate against that.
Final Fantasy XI - Online (FFXI)
Runescape Online (Runescape)
Ragnarok Online (Ragnarok)
Guild Wars (GW)
EVE Online (EVE)
All of these are popular MMORPG's.
by Stammer 6 May 18, 2006

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