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A female coming from North or South Carolina. They are fairly wealthy and are daddy's girls. They have a thick southern accent. Also, they are both tomboys and girly girls. The love hunting and wearing camo, and also love putting on a lot of makeup, wearing frilly dresses, and trying to look as pretty as possible. There are two types: the kind that is friendly and is easy to get along with, and the snobby kind that will exclude those who don't' hold the same beliefs as her.
I'm a Carolina girl! Listen to me cutsey-patootsey Southern accent! I love the palmetto tree! I hunt deer every weekend! Look at all the makeup I'm wearing; I'm a big girl!
by StalkingStinfrey December 30, 2010
A store that disguises plastic bags to look like clothing.
Emily: I'm going to Aeropostale!
*tries on shirt*
Emily: Ahh! This is so small, I'll get the large.
*tries on large shirt*
Emily: Even this is too tight! WTF AEROPOSTALE!!??

Jordan: Hey, do you wanna go shop at Aeropostale?
Amy: Um... no. Their clothes are so cheaply made... even I could have made them!!
by StalkingStinfrey April 28, 2011
A baked or fried snack similar to french fries but made of fish
A joke that was popular for a long time, thanks to South Park. The joke accuses people of being a 'Gay Fish' if they enjoy eating the fried fish.
Person one: What would you like to eat tonight?
Person two: I think I would like some fish sticks!

Idiot one: Do you like Fish sticks in your mouth?
Person: I do, how else would I eat them?
Person: ...
by StalkingStinfrey September 17, 2010
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