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To be the most awesomest and sexy person ever but finding it impossible to get that ONE GUY that's on your mind to notice you as more than a friend. (And to break up with his girlfriend and ask you out because your a sexy beast!!!!)
"Did you see that new girl? Her name must be Lacey cause she's sexyy."
"Lacey is such a sexy beast."
"To be Lacey is to be so sexy and yet he won't notice you. I'm having a Lacey day."
by stalka February 23, 2015
To be so fucking awesome that you make a career of it. If you are a stalker you love people easily and piss off that one's gf/bf almost daily. And you love it.
"I'm feeling exceptionally stalker today."
"'Stalking is illegal' she said in her bitchiest voice."
"StAlking is a way of showing how much you love that person. Muahahahaha."
by stalka February 23, 2015
It is when you over do something to the next level. Often used when something is beyond the word OD.
An example would be if I were to hit you with a chair on "Smackdown!:Here comes the pain" Two hundred times,that would be Oday,because it is so much,that not even the word OD can describe it.
by Stalka December 27, 2003

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