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To eat out a female, or go bobbing the knob.
"Hey boss, did you have fun with the new secretary? No one I know can come close to how good of oral support she gives!"

"The new secretary is my daughter."
by Stairface Chippendale May 15, 2006
Glorious absence of basic common sence.
If you frequent the same titty bar more than three times a week because your sister gives the best lapdances in town. You might be a redneck.
by Stairface Chippendale May 15, 2006
Bush, Dickhead Cheney, Republicans
With the "necessary" war on Iraq for the "WMD" and Saddam's "connection with Osama" who knows what the full extent of the damage these salad tossers would be?
by Stairface Chippendale May 15, 2006

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