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1 definition by Staids Epidemic

Mega Retarded Steph Aids - pronounced MUR SUH

Its a viral infection similar to STAIDS

Mega Retarded Steph Aids - is running rife through the town of Alsager, people are being infected left and right. However its curious as to how this occurs as you can only catch it off the host. It's widely assumed the host must have been getting round a bit. The Alsager populous that attend university are dreading returning home after term ends because of the risk of infection and because of lost loved ones.

Note: It is believed the original infection was contracted by the host after performing sexual relations on frozen faeces.
"Get away from me you MRSA tramp"

Guy A: *eyes up the host*
Guy B: Wouldn't touch that mate, MRSA

Mum... Dad... I have MRSA *hangs head in shame*
by Staids Epidemic January 14, 2008