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A small "back woods" town, if you can say backwoods since all that’s there is desert and rundown railroad tracks. Rodeo houses such a small population of people it should be called a village. Of all the roads there, only two of them are paved and the rest are dirt which are very bad for any vehicle to drive on. Most of the "town" is actually owned by two men, and the 3 stores it has overprices everything they buy from the Wal*Mart in the next town, about an hour away. The gas station overcharges it's gas, if it has it in stock, and the local tavern has rules that don’t allow you to drink more then one beer an hour. They don’t believe in delivering mail so they have the local Post Office forcing everyone to pay for a P.O. Box if they want to receive mail. If you should never have to see this place, you should consider yourself lucky. The flip side is that its like a black hole, once you get stuck in its ignorant wake, your lost for all time doing manual labor for less then the illegal’s that walk freely across the border on a daily basis.
"The only good thing about Rodeo, New Mexico was seeing it getting smaller in my rearview mirror."
by Staic-Guru September 27, 2009

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