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Reasons why girls shouldn't be jealous of Megan Focks:

1) Megan Fox has more tramp stamps than Rihanna and she's got a huge tattoo stamped on her ass.

2) She wears heavy makeup to cover her flaws. And ever seen her do that whole stupid look hen taking a picture? Yup. Desperate cry for attention.

3) Megan Fox is "plain" or "average" compared to Scarlett Johanson, Adriana Lima, Angelina Jolie, and Hayden Panettiere. I take real boobs over fake plastic boobs anyday.

4) If your guy says Megan Fox is hot he is only doing it to not sound gay or to make you mad or jealous.

5) Talented actress?! My ass! Since when did acting like a whore became a talent? Oh right. Because 50% of Americans who love to see some chick leaning over a car looking like she just reached orgasm.

6) Note that Megan Fox fanboys are Nerds, teenagers, and ugly fat old man who are single.

7) She is hot no doubt but not beautiful, there are more real bautiful girls out there.

8) In the next ten years or so - maybe even 5 - since she smokes, she'll start looking like a saggy old lady with a blue waffle, the only thing that can fix it is botox IF she can afford it by then.

9) And speaking of plastic, now we know where 80% of the recycled bottles go - surgeries for Megan Fox. Source: $10,000 boobs.

10) Everyone has thier own opinions. Not everyone agrees that Megan Fox is hot but some do think that she is. So therefore, this is an opinion.
Alot of guys say girls got the Megan Fox jealousy but as if we'll be jealous of that talentless little whore.
by Stacybrown September 14, 2010

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