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a asshole or a man who is a dick.
That guy is such a penis brain!
by Stacy February 21, 2004
Short for Denny's, that restaurant with the Grand Slam Breakfast.
"Ok get ya kids but then they got their friends
I Pulled up in the Benz, they all got up In
We all went to Den and then I had to pay" - Kanye West
by Stacy October 26, 2005
Pitch Black Orchestrates THE MODERN SOUND........................

Pitch Black have been tearing up the Bay Area and beyond since October 1999. Kevin Cross (guitar/vocals), Martin Munroe (bass/vocals), Jamie Morrison (drums), and Jeremy Goody (keyboards) truly play The Modern Sound. Their debut split CD with the Enemies (Lookout!) grabbed the attention of not only Cheetah’s Records but also landed them in the spotlight on Revelation Records.

And that’s just the beginning…

In their mere 4 year existence, Pitch Black has already made quite a name for themselves; this band’s more explosive than their stage show! They’ve blazed across the US and Canada in two extraordinarily successful tours, as well as infiltrated the ears of those in attendance at the World Cup Soccer games and Fox skateboarding competitions. With ex-members of Screw 32, the Nerve Agents, Big Rig, and Cat 5, these guys are on fire…
Gote some fucking nerve to put me back up on the shelf / I wounder when you look at me if you don't see yourself / A part of you you hate / Piece you tried to kill / Barrel pressed agaist your head / But you dont have the will.
by Stacy November 06, 2004
To steal beer from a convenience store while yelling "wahoo."
That clerk nearly shot us when we wahooed all that Molson's.
by Stacy August 08, 2003
a stupid red muppet on Sesame Street who ruined Sesame Street.
When I was a kid I was lucky that Elmo wasn't on Sesame Street.
by Stacy February 16, 2004
Amazing band from Chicago, killer lyrics and better throats... theyll kick the shit outta anything youve ever heard.

(Also a character from the simpsons.)
"I heard their going back for a few more concerts as an early christmas present to stacy...oh and the other kids."
" Fall Out Boy rocks my socks!"
by Stacy August 29, 2004
To confront someone with the intent to embarrass them (see moded)
Timmy was bragging about how he took out Billy's girlfriend, and Billy stepped to him and fronted him
by Stacy November 14, 2002

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