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a small child, like in the Rugrats cartoon, Tommy, Lil, Phil, and Chuckie are rugrats.
That little rugrat is a pain in the ass because he won't stop crying.
by Stacy February 26, 2004
Amazing to the maximum degree. The absolute highest level of awesome.

Originated in the Boston area and is rapidly catching on.
"That guy's eyeliner and tight pants look amaxing on him."
by Stacy March 28, 2005
another word for breasts.
I got big 38D tits. :)
by Stacy May 27, 2004
a skanky whore with fake boobs and is a total airhead.
Pam Anderson is such a slut and has Hepatitis C, and got infected from that sleaze Tommy Lee.
by Stacy May 23, 2007
the new character in the movie Shrek 2. He was like a Zorro kind of character and a cute little kitty cat. :)
Puss in Boots was first hired to get rid of Shrek in the movie but turned out to be friends.
by Stacy June 29, 2004
when someone has had a cock in their mouth.
Mark always had cock breath. :(
by Stacy March 21, 2004
tall good looking blond evil guy from Ghostbusters II.
Vigo was trying to take over the world but the Ghostbusters stopped him.
by Stacy June 27, 2004

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