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Whena spick and a cracker have half & half children. The children are know as Beancrackers.
Stacey is a Beancracker
by Stacey September 10, 2003
When a male is banging another in the poo poo hole, then pulls out and marks his lover with his feces coated dick on the upper lip in a pattern not too dissimilar from the mustache sported by Adolf Hitler.
That skinhead is such a Nazi lover, he gave his bitch a Hitler stache.
by Stacey December 05, 2004
getting off (cumming) by a vibrator giving urself pleasure from something battery opperated
she gave herself a bob job
by stacey April 18, 2003
a person being Random
'That's Crazy!!'

'No. That's randomtittety.'
by Stacey April 07, 2005
a word used to confuse someone else to make them look dumb
I yelled whensean to make me look smart
by Stacey August 15, 2003
a young giddy girl who is disgustingly obssesed with ballet. She is quite sexy. SHe really loves sofi mendoza + shawty eye, but sofi more. She has a lil brother , Danny, who is commited to masturbation, no not coxing, masturbating. She has a lil sis named MIA ARREDONDO...yeah shes married to josi arredondo who's cool. Suki has a very big and nasty denied love for the one and only, manny mato. She goes to OLLA. SHe wishes she could row, but well she cant.
"Suki Lopez, that sounds hot."
by stacey December 04, 2004
barbified is like a dumb chav or mosher lol
you r acting sooooooo barbified
by stacey February 14, 2005

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