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Normally a religious term, the word temple comes from the Latin word templum. It can mean...

1. n. A place used for worship, usually during ancient times. However, it is often the name for where Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Shinto, and Sikh religions practice.

2. n. The region on the head behind the eyes, near the temporal bone.

3. n. Several cities in the United States are named Temple, in states including Georgia, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Texas.

4. n. One of two buildings in Jerusalem that is at the center of Jewish faith.
1. I went to the temple with my Buddhist friend the other day. It was strange.

2. A person often rubs their temples when they have a headache.

3. We're going to drive over to Temple next weekend, you in?

4. I heard Tommy had gone to Jerusalem to visit The Temple.
by StabbyBaby January 07, 2008
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