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2 definitions by Stabby91

What kids call the man their divorced mother remarried. See: Step Father Or asshole
He is a complete jerkoff and abuses his power over his step children.
They are usually calling their wife "baby" or anything stupid along those lines.
Person A: B, can you come over my house today?

Person B: Naw, the asshole thought it would be nice to groud me this summer for not doing one of my chores.
by Stabby91 June 27, 2005
187 383
When one who has had so much caffeine that they have become extremely intoxicated with the energizing substance and are left to be peeled off the ceiling with a spatula.
Person A: Holy shit, B, you're really caffeine toxic... I'll go get the spatula
Person B: *Stuck to ceiling*
by Stabby91 June 27, 2005
22 264