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When one unknowingly, actually performs an impossible or incredible super-human feat or duplication of an existing super power while wielding their iphone or blackberry. Giving the self induced and/or assumed illusion that the wielder actually has that power or ability.

What Stabby Poupoudouphouloudouphyous has.

Not to be confused with Austin Powers.
Tom: Hey Stabby, what new App did you find today?
Stabby: I got the new Spoon Bender App I can make iSpoons bend with my iMind. Check this out...(while showing how the App works, a magnetic field of sorts coincedently makes all spoons in the area bend, giving the illusion that Stabby actually has a form of telekinesis.)
Tom: WTF! You have Apps and Powerz.
Pat: It is what it is.

Stabby was born with Apps and Powerz.

What Stabby doesn't realize is that no one has Apps and Powerz.

What all of you don't realize is that Stabby does have Appsd and Powerz.
by Stabby 7ou's January 30, 2011

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