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a person that is generly a wigger and who is generly hot. They seem to have the need to mess up there walk by only picking up one leg and swinging it to a side then doing the same for the other side.
"Did ya see the waddler, wouldn't ya like to get with that"

"They said that they will be here in 20 mintues, but it depends on how fast they waddle here."
by StJimmygirl13 August 02, 2005
Ok there are 4 definitions:

1.) a girl that knows she can get anyone she wants, and, yet she seems to have the need to want your guy...

2.) A girl that dresses like she was going to the club but shes acculay going to something casual.

3.) Someone who labels you as a slut even if you didn't/haven't gone all the way yet.

4.) then theres the girl that, love sex all she thinks about is sex,and what way she can get it... she thinks that everyguy will want her... and she normaly has very VERY high self-esteem...
1.)"I know thats Cyrstals Boy but he was lookin at me eariler, so might as well..."

2.)"Oh my God did ya c Erika and what she is wearing tonight?"

3.)"well i heard from ryan you guys went all the way..."
innicent person: "what no!"
"what ever, slut"

4.)"Didn't you just get some courtney just the yesterday?"
"yea, so?"
"dude, she was with Roger 2 days ago!"
by StJimmygirl13 August 04, 2005

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